400 Jerky Flavor Names Reviewed To Date

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400 Jerky Flavor Names Reviewed To DateOur next milestone to celebrate is a fun fact. While it took almost 4 ½ years to accomplish this latest feat, we have reviewed over 400 jerky flavor names to date. For any jerky maker thinking of adding a new flavor name, our Jerky Flavors page is a great place to start for getting ideas on jerky flavor names.

This Jerky Flavors page is broken down into jerky flavor tags, and then the actual jerky flavor names. A jerky flavor tag as a general rule is created when you have two or more flavor names of the same jerky flavor. For example, we recently reviewed our second mango based jerky flavor, so a new Mango flavor tag was created. Before that is was a generalized as a fruit flavor tag.

On some occasions, we have no choice but to create a new unique jerky flavor tag for even just one flavor. One of the latest examples being a Chocolate flavored jerky, where chocolate is a unique type of flavor reviewed to date.

A jerky flavor can come under many different names. For example Sweet & Spicy can be: Sweet & Hot, Sweet ‘n Hot, Hot and Sweet, Hot ‘n Sweet, Hot & Sweet, Sweet and Spicy, Spicy and Sweet, Sweet Hot, Sweet and Zesty, etc. For each jerky review, we tag the flavor in a general category, where we will have only one flavor tag for the Sweet & Spicy flavor.

A jerky review flavor can be tagged in multiple tags. For example, a Habanero Teriyaki jerky flavor will be tagged in both the Habanero and Teriyaki flavor tags, even though it is a single flavor.

Between 2010 and 2011, we were debating to start a jerky company. We gave up in the end, and started this jerky review web site in 2014 instead. Along the way, we have reviewed our own homemade flavors.

Jerky Ingredients Homemade Jerky

We always look forward to reviewing more fun and delicious flavors from new and existing jerky makers. We appreciate the trust and confidence each jerky maker is investing in us.

We are proud of offering great exposure, giving the opportunity to get each and every jerky brand known to the market and community. There are many like minded people in this community, and this is a very gratifying and exciting experience.

As listed below, you will find various statistics of our accomplishments in becoming amongst the most successful jerky review web sites in the world.

Jerky Flavor Name Counter

Flavor names accumulated: [php] echo $flavourcount; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – 401)

Jerky Flavor Tag Counter

Flavor tags accumulated: [php] echo $categorycount; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – 55)

Jerky Hot Flavor Counter

Hot flavors accumulated: [php] echo $hotcount; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – 198)

Jerky Sweet Flavor Counter

Sweet flavors accumulated: [php] echo $sweetcount; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – 92)

Jerky Review Counter

Jerky Reviews: [php] echo $reviewcount; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – 609)

Jerky Brand Counter

Jerky Brands accumulated: [php] echo $brandcount; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – 195)

Cost of Jerky Bags

Jerky Bags cost: $[php] echo $totalcost; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – $4614.99)

Jerky Brand Submitted Counter

Jerky Brands Submitted For Review: [php] echo $brandsubmittedcount; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – 100)

Submitted Jerky Bags

Submitted Jerky Bags reviewed: [php] echo $submittedcount; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – 415)

Jerky Bags Counter

Unique Jerky Bags acquired: [php] echo $bagcount; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – 670)

Jerky Ingredient Counter

Jerky Ingredients reviewed: [php] echo $ingredientcount; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – 695)

Jerky Tag Counter

Jerky Tags created: [php] echo $tagcount; [/php]  (June 16/2018 – 697)

Total Weight of Jerky

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