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JerkyIngredients.comMy name is Mark Jurrius, where I have been making homemade beef jerky since 2007. For a couple of years around 2011, my cousin Paul Rekker and I spent over $5,000 researching opening up a jerky company. Neither of us was willing to quit our full time job, so I finally started this jerky review web site in January 2014. Paul joined the taste reviews in June 2014.

For ideas on what ingredients to use in Jerky Ingredients homemade jerky, a jerky bag collection began in 2008. That more became an exercise of what ingredients not to use in jerky. I now have over 1,100 jerky bags collected. Jerky ingredient lists in general have improved appreciably since 2008, which is a continuing positive trend in the jerky industry.

Jerky sales in North America may exceed 3 billion dollars in 2018.

In late 2016, my co-worker Stéphane Leclerc joined Paul and I in the taste reviews. Stéphane and Paul would both send me their taste reviews, and now I had three opinions to write each taste review. It was obvious early on that Stéphane had a flair for describing a flavor. The only thing that Stéphane needed was more experience with various jerky flavors, types, and styles.

In late November 2017, Stéphane officially took over writing the taste reviews. To date, Stéphane has received excellent feedback from various jerky makers. Not only does Stéphane have a passion for jerky and food in general, Stéphane has a passion for writing. Stéphane’s taste reviews can be described as articulate, descriptive, honest, humorous, and poignant.

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I was a former web application developer for over 15 years. Each jerky review is written in HTML, utilizing a custom MySql database. I taught myself how to add the programming language php into the jerky reviews and web site. This gives me a great deal of flexibility, with for example the Jerky Counters and Jerky Tags/Categories pages. Running a jerky review web site has been a fun, ongoing educational experience that is surprisingly time consuming.

Working with individual jerky makers is the most worthwhile, rewarding experience. Jerky makers tend to be hard working, innovative, and perfectionists.

We here at Jerky Ingredients are excited about our future prospects. Historically, we would only review a flavor again if the ingredient list was tweaked, or if there was a change in the bag design. Going forward, previously reviewed jerky makers are welcome to have their jerky reviewed again, only this time the taste review will be written by Stéphane Leclerc.

Contact jerkyingredients@gmail.com if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to submit your jerky for review.

In the photograph below, Mark Jurrius is in the middle. Paul Rekker is on the left wearing the baseball cap, and Stéphane Leclerc is on the right.

The other photograph is the Jerky Ingredients mascot Lexi, who is a Whippet, and she has tried hundreds of different jerky flavors.

Jerky Ingredients Team

Jerky Ingredients Mascot Lexi