Mong Lee Shang – Hot Vegetarian Imitation Beef Jerky (Review #2)

[php] $cdnservername = apply_filters( ‘cdnservername’, ” ); [/php] This will be the second review for Mong Lee Shang hot flavored vegetarian imitation beef jerky. In actuality, this flavor is a hot based mushroom jerky. The ingredient list has since changed, the bag design has been tweaked, and the flavor name has been changed. This whopping […]

Damn Good – Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky (Review #3)

[php] $cdnservername = apply_filters( ‘cdnservername’, ” ); [/php] The next review on Damn Good Jerky will focus on a 1.6 ounce/45 gram bag of their sweet & spicy flavored beef jerky. This is the third review on this sweet & spicy flavor, where the bag design has since been tweaked, and the jerky weight has […]

Great Value – Original Beef Jerky (Recipe #2)

[php] $cdnservername = apply_filters( ‘cdnservername’, ” ); [/php] In 1950, Sam Walton and his wife Helen opened their Walton’s 5&10 store on the downtown square in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam opened the first Walmart store in 1962 at the age of 44 in Rogers, Arkansas. Walmart was founded with goals of offering lower prices and great […]

Carolina Beef Jerky – Jalapeno Beef Jerky

[php] $cdnservername = apply_filters( ‘cdnservername’, ” ); [/php] The first review on Carolina Beef Jerky will focus on a 2.85 ounce/80 gram bag of their jalapeno flavored beef jerky. This bag was purchased at a convenience store in Lewiston, New York. This Carolina Beef Jerky brand of jerky is distributed under the same name of […]