200 Jerky Distibutors Reviewed

[php] $cdnservername = apply_filters( ‘cdnservername’, ” ); [/php] While it took near five years to accomplish, we have now officially reviewed 200 jerky distributors to date (December 2/2018) as our latest milestone to celebrate. The short definition of a jerky distributor is a company that distributes jerky. In reality, it is a little more complicated […]

Jerky Ingredients – Jerky Price Range Update (August 2018)

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Behind The Scenes Jerky Taste Review

[php] $cdnservername = apply_filters( ‘cdnservername’, ” ); [/php] Jerky makers are getting more and more impressed with our taste reviews. Our taste reviews have slowly evolved since this jerky web site started in January 2014, where we are always striving to improve. For nearly the first two years, Paul and I would meet together to […]

1,200 Jerky Bags

[php] $cdnservername = apply_filters( ‘cdnservername’, ” ); [/php] The jerky bag collection has now officially reached over 1,200 jerky bags, with each bag being unique. After making homemade jerky starting in 2007, I started collecting jerky bags for ideas on what ingredients to use on my own homemade jerky. That more turned out to be […]

22 Jerky Flavors Submitted

[php] $cdnservername = apply_filters( ‘cdnservername’, ” ); [/php] As a jerky reviewer you do not always know what flavors to expect from a jerky maker submission. Franco and Patti Fonseca from Smokehouse Jerky Co. with 22 jerky flavors submitted for review in one delivery blows away the previous record of 17 flavors. At Jerky Ingredients […]