Submit Jerky For Review


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Submitted Jerky Bags: [php] echo $submittedcount; [/php]

Submitted Jerky Brands: [php] echo $brandsubmittedcount; [/php]

JerkyIngredients.comFor those interested to submit jerky for review, you can send an email to Email Me for more details. A draft copy of the review is provided before the jerky review is published.

For submitted jerky, you get these added benefits:

  • An image is put under each jerky review, usually the company logo, which redirects to the jerky maker web site.
  • A separate external link to the jerky makers web site is added under each jerky review.
  • Links to all of the jerky maker social media sites are added under each jerky review. E.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • An external link to the jerky makers web site is added to our Jerky Brands web page, consistently in the top 5 most visited page monthly on our web site according to Google Analytics.

We may well ask many questions to get your jerky review right.